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Funding advisory

Financial Management is of crucial importance for any company: proper management of cash flows requires careful planning along with assessment and control of the financial liabilities, capital structure and investments.

Bringing together banks, or other financial intermediaries, and business is essential for a balanced financial system. Thanks to its deep knowledge of the Italian banking system, Intesa is well positioned to identifying the banks and financial investors most compatible with the needs of individual corporations. Additionally, Intesa provides its services in market analysis, financial reporting, acquiring lines of credit, and evaluation of corporate credit rating.

Strategic financial planning

Business management cannot be separated from establishment of the optimal capital structure, consistent with the company's expected profitability as well as with the return expected by the shareholders. Intesa advises its clients in the identification of the capital structure most suitable for financing both working capital and fixed investments, with the aim of increasing value to the shareholders.

Optimization of the Finance organizational structure

Financial Management is of vital importance for all firms, regardless of their dimensions. Thanks to its Partners’ consolidated expertise, Intesa may assist its client companies in the following:

  • Optimization of the Finance organizational structure (administration, treasury and financial control);
  • Preparation of Finance internal procedures;
  • Assistance in the evaluation and implementation of software suitable for any company’s requirements.

Corporate valuation

Assessing a firm’s value is essential to entrepreneurs as they make decisions regarding the development of their businesses, mergers and acquisitions, or outright sales of the corporation.

Intesa offers evaluations of both particular assets and entire businesses with the use of complex actuarial techniques and methods that reflect a deep understanding of various economic sectors and market comparables.


The complexity and dynamism of markets require steady adjustments of the business organization to enable the company to be competitive. Intesa, also through a long lasting advisory support, which allows a thorough understanding of business issues, assists its corporate clients in verifying the adequacy of their structures.

Should changes of a firm’s capital structure be deemed necessary, Intesa help its client companies to negotiate their existing debts and reduce them in compliance with actual cash flow produced. Such advisory support is currently considered essential by many of firms given the current economic and financial crisis within the Italian market.

Intesa boasts a consolidated expertise in assisting its clients in reorganizing their businesses and restructuring their debts in compliance with existing rules and regulations. Intesa partners’ expertise allows its clients to achieve their goals in a limited time and with a minimum of expense.


Financial control is essential for business management, allowing a firm’s managers to be constantly informed as of the business performance. Intesa support its clients with the following:

  • Establishing the firm’s flowcharts and procedures;
  • Budget preparation;
  • Establishing adequate accounting systems;
  • Preparation of budgets and reports;
  • Preparation of executive report dashboards.


Personnel, their skill and expertise represent the real wealth of a firm. Personnel growth is essential to the development and success of any company. The services provided by Intesa to this regard, include:

  • Organizational analysis;
  • Strategic Management of Human Resources;
  • Systems of pay and performance evaluation;
  • Change Management


The economic and financial crisis that has affected Italian firms since 2008 has led to a massive growth of “non-performing loans” in the balance sheets of Italian banks. In order to comply with the banking authorities' requirements and also to increase liquidity,Italian banks now seem willing to sell a part of their problematic loans to investors, national or international. This is an important opportunity for investors, who may buy banks’ distressed financial portfolios (through direct credit purchases, securitization or creation of corporate vehicles) at a fraction of their face value. To this regard, Intesa may offer its services to investors in order to identify the best opportunities and assisting corporate clients in the subsequent negotiation phases.


In addition to the advisory services above mentioned, Intesa may provide assistance to its client companies with reference to the following issues:

  • Market researches;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Italian firms’ foreign development plans;
  • Government financial grants;
  • Start-up projects.